Can I use your project report to setup an aloe vera extraction processing unit?

Yes. Our project report  is an detailed project report to setup an Aloe vera processing unit.

Is this project is feasibility project?

Yes. Absolutely it is an feasible one.

Is you project report is only for gel?

No. This project report is used for Aleo vera gel ,juice and powder

Is Market analysis included in your project report?

Yes. Market analysis report included.

Have your project report contains processing technology?

Yes. This project report contains processing methods, technology, preservative methods for gel, juice and powder.

Can you supply machineries?

No. We will provide only project report. Addresses Machineries manufacturers / suppliers are included.

Have your project report included Machinery photographs?

Yes, Machineries and equipments photographs and diagrams are included.





When will I receive the project report? and in which mode?

You can get this project report with in 5 business days from date of your payment. We will send through courier. We will inform you after receiving your payment.

Where can aloe vera be grown?

Aloe can be grown easily in all areas of the world where temperatures do not fall dw low freezing. Aloe will freeze at 28 degrees F and the plants will die.

What variety of aloe plant is most commonly grown for commercial usage?

The most common variety is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller which can be distinguished by its yellow flower.

Do aloe plants have to be irrigated for commercial usage?

Yes. In order for an aloe plant to continuously grow and produce good quality leaves weighing 1kg each, water is required. Each aloe plant requires 150 ml of water per month.

Does the lack of water effect the quality of the aloe gel?

Yes. The quality of aloe gel for commercial usage is greatly affected by the lack of water. The chemical compounds such as aloin and emmodin are greatly increased with the lack of water. The gel will have a very bitter taste, will be brownish color, and have a very, very strong odor.

What type of soil does aloe grow best in?

A sandy loam type soil is one of the best types. Soils with high clay content are not so good to grow aloe in.

What type of fertilization is necessary for the aloe plants to grow?

First of, the soil should be checked to find out whether or not it is short any particular minerals. The pH of the soil should be determined. The best pH of the soil is slightly acidic. The aloe plant does not take many nutrients from the soil, however it does require a lot of nitrogen. In most cases, one needs to add ammonium nitrate to the soil annually at the rate of 120 pounds per acre.

How many aloe plants can you plant on one acre? (hectare)?

Approximately 5,000 aloe plants can be planted per acre. The plants are planted in rows at 31 inches centers with 36 inches between rows.
Approximately 12,000 aloe plants can be planted on 1 hectare.

What is the annual yield per acre? (hectare)?

You may harvest an aloe plant 4 times per year. For each harvest, you can harvest three leaves per plant. A total of 12 leaves per plant per year with an average weight of 1 kg. Therefore, you can expect an annual return of 60,000 kg of aloe leaves per acre.

144,000 kg of aloe leaves can be obtained from 1 hectare of aloe plants.

What is the yield of aloe gel from an aloe leaf?

You can expect a minimum 43% yield of aloe gel from a 1 kg aloe leaf.

How long does it take an aloe plant to mature?

Most people will transplant an aloe pup that is between 8 - 12 inches in height. This aloe pup will take 12 - 18 months to mature.

What commercial products are currently being produced from the aloe?

There are two basic processes used in the manufacturing of aloe vera products:

a. Whole Leaf processing in which the entire aloe leaf is used to manufacture whole leaf gels, whole leaf concentrates, and whole leaf powders.

b. Aloe vera gel processing in which only the inner gel fillet is used to manufacture aloe vera gels, aloe vera concentrates, and aloe vera powders.

c. Aloe rinds can also be used to produce aloe oil, placed back in the fields for fertilizer, or can be ground up and processed with the whole aloe leaf process.

What type of aloe vera powders can be produced?

a. A 200:1 pure aloe powder made from the inner gel.
b. A 100:1 pure whole leaf aloe powder from the leaf.
c. A 100:1 blend of 200:1 aloe powder plus maltodextrin.

What types of equipment is necessary to make the powders?

There are three basic types of equipment used to make powders:
a. Freeze drying
b. Spray drying
c. Dehydration

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